4-Leggers at the ranch

Our animals - the soul of the ranch


Learn more about our numerous animals, illustrated with pictures, description and of course care - FREEDOM matters a lot at the Valley View Ranch, equally for 2- and 4-legged.


7 horses, 4 pot-bellied pigs and 5 cows live freely on 40 acres, in the midst of Texan nature. Get to know our animals up close, for example in the morning from your porch, our bungalows are located in the pasture.


The varied ranch terrain offers meadows for grazing and forest sections as well as stalls for shade and protection from the weather. The 3 ponds serve among other things as paddling pools for horses or wallow holes for the pot-bellied pigs.


Good animal welfare includes balanced food, lots of exercise, 24 hours access to fresh drinking water and hay.  We also provide routine veterinary examinations, regular appointments with the horse masseur, farrier, chiropractor and animal psychologist / communicator. Love and affection complete our all-around care.


Our loyal dog companions Rocco and Shilo as well as 3 cats live with us in the ranch house. Of course they have the possibility to enjoy outdoors as much as they like.


We attach great importance to the overall health of our 4 - legged, which includes physical and mental health.


You can find more information about our animals by clicking on the LINKS below

Our Western Horses (more info soon)

Weight Limit for Horseback Riding: 215 lbs 

Pot Bellied-Pigs (more info soon)

Cattle (more info soon))

Dogs & Cats (more info soon)

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