Cowboy Week

Come to Texas be a Cowboy










Be a cowboy with all the shebang - horseback riding, lassoing, boots shopping Klick here...

Just pick what you like - every day-trip or sightseeing tour in our 7-Day-Packages are available seperately


Motor Week

Who snoozes - looses









It will blow your mind ! This adventure includes more than 1000 Horsepower - we will have you ride everything from Jetski to Harley, to ATV and even a Nascar on the Texas Motor Speedway

klick here...

Ranch Week











You get up in the morning und deside at libitum what ranch activities suits you best for today. How about horseback riding at sunrise  or exploring the ranch on an ATV - or both! klick here...

My Adventures

Everything YOU want









My Adventures is designed for individualists among individualists - pick your favorite adventures out of the intire  range and design your very personal program, as many days as you like ...AND MORE

City Week

For City Slickers with Cowboy Flair











Riding into the sunrise - browsing the impressive shopping centers in the afternoon and later on enjoy the Texas Nightlife in Dallas and Ft. Worth - the best of both worlds combined

klick here...



with the PRO











We will give you tips and tricks on how to find your dream car.  Once you have located it we help you negotiating, or inspect the car and can organize the transport, AND MORE ...

Contact: We speak English, German, basic Italian and French
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